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A movement encouraging individuals to turn “ideas into actions” inspired by the successful creation of Detroit Underground Omakase (DUO). DUO, an overwhelmingly successful underground dining club, was sparked into life by a simple conversation between two brothers and their willingness to take action. Contact Soil2Service to join the movement and speak with our team as to how we can help you #DOSOMETHING.

Are you involved in a project or just thinking about one? Let our team help you #DOSOMETHING and turn an idea into an action that just might “Improve the human condition through all things positive with a focus on food; we provide experiences and education to improve communities, individuals and systems”

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Changing Lives Through Education

Assist in the startup of a revolutionary hospitality training
program. We work to change the methods of culinary education and provide real world and academic hospitality training like no other organization in the nation.

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