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Soil2Service Fundraising Event

Soil2Service is excited to partner with Detroit Underground Omakase (DUO) for an evening of incredible food to support the mission of Soil2Service. Seating is limited for this very exciting event!


October 17, 2019

6:00 pm

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Ticket price includes dinner, beverage and more. Located in the Eastern Market area of Detroit, guest’s will learn more once the ticket is purchased to maintain the DUO model of “underground dining.” This will truly be an enjoyable evening!

75% of the ticket price will be tax-deductible. Please contact your financial professional.

Classes and Events

Soil2Service has collaborated with Detroit’s very own People’s Restaurant Equipment and Supply Company and is developing a premier culinary space for hosting hands on cooking classes and culinary events. Located on Gratiot Avenue adjacent to the expanding Eastern Market, Soil2Service will be the hub of gastronomic knowledge in the area. Classes open to the public based on a variety of topics, designed through Soil2Service and will feature local, national and international presenters.

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Changing Lives Through Education

Assist in the startup of a revolutionary hospitality training
program. We work to change the methods of culinary education and provide real world and academic hospitality training like no other organization in the nation.

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